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Georgia Design

Georgia Design

Georgia Design is a design studio based in Portugal, in the Algarve. Founded in 2017 by Georgia de Vlieger, Georgia Design provides various services such as: space design, color and material advice, bespoke furniture and furniture selection, commissioning and coordination.

Georgia represents the “sweet spot” of high quality furniture design in the interior decoration market. With our passionate team and a boutique mentality, we choose each decoration piece in detail, to inspire and surprise you, to take your space and comfort to another level.

Together with our partners in Europe, we have the ambition to work on sustainability, in all aspects. We interpret it as our responsibility to inspire change and encourage responsible choices. Every day, each department works on initiatives, projects and actions that guarantee constant progress, responsibility and integrity in everything we do, from the choice of materials and our design projects, to the entire logistics of supplying the parts.



In 2018, Georgia de Vlieger won the Interior Design TV show ‘Design Dream’ in the Netherlands. In this series, six interior designers competed against each other for the title of ”Best Dutch Interior Designer”. Georgia won four episodes and in the last one was named by the jury as series winner. From September 2019 to January 2020 Georgia was a regular interior stylist on the Dutch TV show ‘Eigen Huis & Tuin’. A show on how you can improve your home and garden with tips and tricks from the pros.

Our Team

 Georgia Design has grown from a one-woman agency into a team of four interior designers, with a new office located in the building of Atrium Lagoa. From this head office, Georgia Design is ready to work all over the world, as the team already completed projects in The Netherlands, Dubai and Belgium.