Carvoeiro Branco Office

The Carvoeiro Branco office is located in Lagoa, Algarve, in the Atrium Lagoa building. It is an office with a strong personality, featuring microcement walls with dark wood contrasts and some steel details. It also offers an open space with a multifunctional kitchen, so that the whole team can get together for work, as well as socializing for their little free time. The office contains several workspaces, both private and group, comprising three individual offices, and a huge meeting room. At the reception there is a very pleasant and comfortable space, consisting of a custom sofa with a very unique fabric, created by the fantastic James Malone. The entire space is surrounded by incredible natural lighting, with the help of lights that help to harmonize and provide functionality to the space. The use of the green color on the tiles, as well as the placement of some plants in some strategic points, makes the contrasts come alive and make the space fresher and lighter.